The Type K & ROTORK offers rotary and linear pneumatic & ELECTRIC damper drives for utility power plants, refineries, powerhouse boilers, furnaces and process heaters that require precise combustion air and flue gas handling solutions. Type K damper drives have proven to increase boiler efficiency, reduce maintenance, lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

Gas sample probes, sample
condi:oning systems, gas filtra:on,
NOx converters, gas chillers, sample

Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermowells and Wire


Humidity, Dewpoint, CO2, Ammonia

Barometric Pressure & Wind

Fixed Systems: Combustible Gas & Toxic Gas Detectors & Transmitters and Receivers

Optical UV/IR Flame Detection

Portable Instruments:  CO, HCL + More


Gas Analysis Extractive and In-Situ

Dust Measurement Direct and instant process measurements through non-contact in-situ measuring technique

Volume Flow Measurement

The FLOWSIC100 devices measure gas velocity, gas temperature and volume flow contact-free directly in ducts, pipelines or stacks.

Liquid  and Water Analysis

Magnetic Liquid Level and Interface GaugesThermal Dispersion Level and Flow Switches
Magnetostrictive Level and Interface TransmittersGuided Wave Radar Level Tansmitters
Laser Level TransmittersRF Capacitance Level Transmitters and Switches
Ultrasonic Level TransmittersVibrating Tuning Fork Level Switches
Rotating Paddle SwitchesBuoyancy Level Sensors and Switches


RecordersVideo and Paper continuous multipoint recorders / Data Acquisitions and Software Suites
Flow metersMagnetic, Vortex, Rotameter, Coriolis and pitot tube flow meters
Pressure/Temperature TransmittersDIfferential, gauge, absolute pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters

Analytical Products

Insitu Oxygen, pH & Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Gas Density
Advanced Analytical ProductsTunable Diode Laser for Combustion analysis of oxygen, carbon monoxide, methane, water vapor, and gas temperature

Process Controllers

Programmable Single\dual Loop Controllers, DIN- Size Controllers
Meters & InstrumentsCalibrators, Clamp-On Testers, Digital Multimeters, 4-20mA simulators
HART Field communicators and SoftwareYokogawa YHC5150X Hart handheld and Fieldmate software
FA-M3 Range Free Multi-Controller, PLCYokogawa's progammable logic controller
Process Gas Chromatographs and Analyzers

FTNIR Process Analyzers

NDIR Gas Analyzers

Engineering, Consulting and Fabrication of Sample Systems

ISA100.11a Wireless TransmittersPressure, Temperature, level transmitters and wireless integrated gateways and access points


Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring instrumentation, which complies with the US Environmental Protection Administration (US EPA) and other requirements for the measurement of Ambient Air Quality.  Thermo offers a range of gas analyzers, air quality analyzers and process control instruments and is a global leader in Air Quality monitoring applications and a system integration for Continuous Emission Monitoring, Ambient Air Monitoring and SCR Monitoring Systems.

e.g. HCL, NO, NO2, NOx,  NOy, SO2, H2S, N2O, CO, CO2, O3, Hg, Total Hydrocarbons, Multi Gas Calibrators, Zero Air and Particulate Monitors​

Transmitter Manifolds - 2,3 & 5 Valve & Hand Valves

Anderson Greenwood Crossover list

Process Refractometers

X-Ray Gages

Monitor Divert System

Isolation Valves


Black Liquor & Dissolved Solids Analyzers

Orifice Plates & Flanges, Orifice Plate Meter Runs, Venturis, Flow Nozzles, HHR Flow Tubes

Generator Gas Analyzers and Controls

Generator Overheat Monitoring

Generator Gas Drying

High Purity Water Process Analyzers

Feedwater, Steam & Condensate Analyzers 

Potable Water

Pool & Sanitary Analyzers

Cooling Water Analyzers

Waste Water & Effluents



Gas Flow Products

Liquid Flow Products

Steam Flow Products

View Case Studies, White Papers, and Videos

ValtekControl Valves
KammerControl Valves
GS General Service ValveGeneral Service Control Valves
Digital & PneumaticPositioners, Accessories
Intelligent Control SystemsStarPac


BLH Load Cells, Tension & Weighing Systems

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Absorbance spectroscopy for liquid or
gas process streams, as well as
physical parameters - color, calorific
value and purity.