New Sierra Instruments Insertion Vortex Flow Meter

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Great Lakes Process Controls is proud to now represent Thermo Fisher Scientific!

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring instrumentation, which complies with the US Environmental Protection Administration (US EPA) and other requirements for the measurement of Ambient Air Quality.  Thermo offers a range of gas analyzers, air quality analyzers and process control instruments and is a global leader in Air Quality monitoring applications and a system integration for Continuous Emission Monitoring, Ambient Air Monitoring and SCR Monitoring Systems.

e.g. HCL, NO, NO2, NOx,  NOy, SO2, H2S, N2O, CO, CO2, O3, Hg, Total Hydrocarbons, Multi Gas Calibrators, Zero Air and Particulate Monitors​

Check out the new Yokogawa GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph

The Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ series is a simple and flexible data acquisition control system designed for ease of use in a variety of ways to provide an ideal operating experience for the user.

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We are a Manufacturers Representative serving the lower peninsula of Michigan, Indiana and part of northern Ohio.
Great Lakes Process Controls, Inc has been a Manufacturers Representative since 1981.  It is our goal to offer high quality products backed by engineering and technical support services.  The Manufacturers that we represent are  leaders in their industry.


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Yokogawa FLXA202 New 2-Wire Analyzer
The FLXA202 is the pinnacle of YOKOGAWA’s 2-wire analyzer offering a robust case. 
Yokogawa have offered the world’s first touch panel display of 2-wire analyzer and support of up to two sensors. The new FLXA202 offers rugged die-cast aluminum case and supports customers who seek to improve plant operation safety and efficiency.​
Yokogawa  Low Power consumption Pressure Transmitters
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Unlike other manufacturers, Yokogawa’s low-power pressure transmitters consume approximately 27 mW regardless of the power supply or the output​


Introducing the worlds most accurate thermal mass flow meter!.  more

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The GC8000 Process Gas Chromatograph continues Yokogawa’s long tradition of process GC excellence with a design that takes the best of emerging technologies yet continues to utilize proven reliable components. The result is a process GC that meets the ever growing demands for analytical reliability and precision while improving the total cost-of-ownership through built-in automated maintenance functions never seen before.

iSeries Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters
InnovaMass® 241i Insertion

Insertion probe up to 72 inches (2M); optional hot tap
Ideal for saturated or superheated steam, gas, and liquid 
Mass and/or volumetric flow rate
Multivariable for five measurements in one device
Latest iSeries Raptor II™ OS flow engine
Complete suite of digital communications
A variety of Apps for ultimate field flexibility
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